Friday, September 13, 2013

Andrzej Nedoma

Co-owner and managing director of LIDO-LANG Technical Translations of Krakow, Poland. One of the inspirers and authors of the translation company management system (XTRFTM Translation Management Systems –

In 2006, he was awarded the title "Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year” in the "services” category in the second edition of the competition organised by Citibank Handlowy and the Leopold Kronenberg Foundation in Poland.

Andrzej's Talk

How technology influences translation project management

Corporations present on the global market have their marketing materials, product descriptions, catalogues, user manuals etc. translated with the aim of maximising sales in foreign countries. With the international markets becoming more and more important for corporations, the need of translation into even more languages is growing, bringing in consequence new challenges for translation agencies. Not only do the localization departments need to translate more content into more languages within a budget that does not grow proportionally to the effort required, but they also need to focus much more on the project-specific turnaround times as the “time-to-market“ factor for the products is often a priority.

Andrzej – the Managing Director of one the biggest translation companies in Central and Eastern Europe (LIDO-LANG Technical Translations), as well as the President of XTRF Management Systems, will present an overview of technologies used to create new content, manage translation requests within the corporation and work with translation services suppliers more efficiently. After that Andrzej will show how technology can help streamline translation project management within a translation company in order to deliver fast turnaround times of translation projects and high quality translations.

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