what is soap! conference

we work in the communication business and we like it. technical documentation, e-learning, and localization are our bread and butter, and every day is an adventure (more or less). there is so much passion for work between us that we thought it is about time to share it. that is how we decided to organize this amazing conference.
let us meet in Krakow, where communication business is expanding rapidly. there are plenty of dynamic professionals who want to share ideas about technical communcation, and you are one of them. we want you to help us consolidate this knowledge community in Poland and put Krakow on the conference map. and who says we cannot have a good time while doing it.


we will talk about DITA, e-learning tools, training practices, localization scenarios, success stories, industry standards, and the best new gadgets out there.


soap! conference is a great place to expand your business network and create opportunities for future collaboration. you will meet people just like you, and people who are completely different, because different is fun.


learning is all about looking to the future. teaching is all about wanting the community to grow. we combine the two because to us, progress is everything.


in order to do business, you have to mean business. we want professionals to share their stories and help others start stories of their own.

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