Friday, September 6, 2013

noz urbina

Noz Urbina is an established content strategy thought leader, consultant and trainer specialising in cutting edge, multi-channel, business-driven projects. Since 2000, he has provided services to Fortune 500 organisations and small-to-medium enterprises. For six years, Noz has been Events Chair and Content Director for and has won a leading global reputation in the structured content community.


Noz's talk

The Freedom to Grow: How Standards in Communication Facilitate Our Industry

Standards – either in the XML sense or simply communication best practices – help grow, accelerate and “professionalise” an industry.  Would construction be without material standards for width and strengths, or certification for specific skills?  How could we have transportation without standards for traffic and processes?  Standards are what help ad-hoc processes become enterprise-class, and scale beyond our expectations.

Technical communication is in an era of rapid, disruptive and revolutionary change. The true nature of the challenge is understood by a few, and pros and cons of potential solutions by even fewer.  The future therefore will require that we work together to exchange knowledge as best we can to help each other hit the many moving targets.  We must do this because our old techniques and processes just can’t keep up, and no one organisation has the time or funds to re-invent every solution on their own.  Standards help an organisation with little funds tackle larger challenges, and larger organisations implement profound change with reduced risk.  The alternative is potentially getting left behind as the industry and community rush forward.

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