Friday, September 6, 2013

piotr peszko

I am an instructional designer and Lead Training Content Developer as well as co-founder of EduCamp conference that loves to blog. I help people leverage e-learning to foster engaged learners and support business training endeavors. My goal is to help businesses through e-learning that just works.

To learn my approach to learning solutions please go to

Piotr's Talk

How the Tin Can API will Revolutionize the Learning World

If you would like to:
- Bring big data and learning together in ways that were never before possible.
- Get a clearer picture of training roi than ever before by tracking more than ever before
- Unchain the power of mobile devices
- Move learning games from fun trend to a practical necessity.
- Let employees justify their value by directly tuing learning they complete to job performance.

Come and join me at the Soap Conference where I will change the way you think about elearning and learning as a whole. 

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